Portuguese & Specialties:
Industrial, Medical, Biotech., Chem., etc.

Because Portugal is a small country (less than 10 million people) it is extremely difficult to find translators (in country and emigrants) who are specialized professionals in most fields. The main reason is that the few that have the language capability are overloaded with work in their existing technical jobs and quite well paid, and will not bother to do translations at the rates usually paid in the market for translations. Cybertec USA has solved this problem in two different ways: We have engineers and other professionals in house and as freelancers, for several technical specialties and quite a few other subjects.

For other subjects and specialties, we rely on very experienced translators and editors who are given access to consultants in those fields that they do not master completely. We have been working with most of these people for many years and they have gained our trust.

And for more "exotic" languages, that we don't usually handle, we cooperate with other specialized Translation Companies to use their resources, and we can manage those jobs for our clients certainly much better than our clients, who are not in the translation industry, could do themselves directly. Basically, we offer our clients quality, reliability and peace of mind, at a fair price.

The medical and biotech fields have been growing and for more than 15 years we have been doing E>Pt translations helped by one of the top Portuguese surgeons, a few doctors in Lisbon, a Portuguese Oncology Institute researcher (for biotech) and professors of the Lisbon Universities. This solution may not be perfect, but has worked surprisingly well and at a manageable cost. In a recent year, we completed 4 biotech jobs for 2 different clients (108,000, 94,000, 57,000 and 12,000 English words). The same type of solution was used for aeronautical regulations (255,000 words), and for air base regulations (500,000 words) a few years ago.