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Professional Translations and Language Consulting

Translations are a complex professional service that requires a language professional with excellent knowledge of two languages. And because people have much better fluency in their native language, the translator should be a native speaker of the target language (the language of the final translated text) or should have been raised and educated in that country.

Besides proficiency in those two languages, which should be certified by diplomas and/or American Translator’s Association (ATA), certification, the translator has to possess a very good knowledge of the subject being translated, both the concepts and the vocabulary that will appear in the text to be translated.

Our Commitment

Having translated industrial and commercial documentation for almost 40 years, CYBERTEC has proven expertise with technical concepts and terminology in several languages. It has also proved its skills in project management, language consulting, desktop publishing, and client services. We have placed ourselves in the ‘high end’ of the translation market, and our prices reflect the quality, reliability and specialized nature of our work. Long relationships with our clients show how much they trust us, and also that our competitive prices are acceptable to them.

CYBERTEC is one of the very few truly technical translation companies in the USA, that actually have engineers and other specialists capable of doing technical jobs with professional quality, in conjunction with native linguists.

We also have been working for governments and their agencies, including military departments, for international organizations, and for NGOs.

Our Specialty

Besides our technical capabilities, we also have a rare specialty: the Portuguese language, in its EuropeanAfrican, and Brazilian varieties. More than half of our work is Portuguese. And, of course, without detriment to all the other languages we translate.

About 50% of CYBERTEC’s work consists of subcontracts from big Translation Bureaus all over the US, who choose us for many technical translations, mostly of Portuguese.

Our Affiliations and Membership

Cybertec USA, Inc. is a member of the American Translators Association and is listed in Dun & Bradstreet, the Thomas Register, and the NAFTA Register. 

American Translators AssociationThe Nafta RegisterThomas Register

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Our Extensive Language Services

Navigate global business landscapes with ease through our comprehensive language services: 

  • Document Translation
  • Software Localization
  • Copy Writing / Editing
  • Editing and Proofreading
  • Translation Project Management
  • Desktop Publishing
  • Language Consulting
  • Certified / Degreed Translators
  • CAT-Tool Use
  • Website Translation
  • Technical Writing

Specialized Translation Services

  • Technical Translation for Industrial Clients, Exporters, and Importers 
  • Technical Manuals, Catalogs, Ads, Drawings, and Marketing Materials 
  • Documentation for Equipment, Tools, and Instruments for Medical and Pharmaceutical Industries 
  • Human Resources Guides and Other Materials 
  • Legal Translations, Contracts, etc. 
  • Financial Documents 
  • General Business Materials 
  • International Organizations’ (Gov. and NGO) Documents on Politics, Economy, etc. 

About the Founder

At the helm of CYBERTEC is Joseph Nunes, a seasoned linguist with a Master’s degree in Engineering. He leverages his proficiency in several languages to provide a profitable and assistance-based translation service.  

The majority of his work revolves around English to Portuguese translations or vice versa. Furthermore, he demonstrates a comprehensive understanding of specific terminology and vocabulary across different languages. 

Dive into seamless communication with CYBERTEC’s professional translation and language consulting services. Contact us today to experience reliable, proficient, specialized linguistics solutions for your business needs. 

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