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Guidelines for the Request of a free translation estimate

We need to analyze your document in detail to assess the degree of difficulty, the time needed for the job and even which translator should be assigned to it. You should send us the entire text with all pictures, drawings and other graphics. Of course we can do a preliminary estimate with just a sample of the document.

You should specify the target audience who will be reading and using your document. Please tell us the language and any dialect or variant of it, and the specific country or countries too. Besides, the kind of people who will peruse your text is also important: will it be the top management of the company, the engineering department, the shop floor or assembly line workers, the sales force? We will be writing somewhat differently for each of them.

If the text is technical, you should send us any glossaries, if available, or the originals and translations of previous models of your widget. This way, we will learn the jargon and also maintain the consistency of the terminology. And please specify the time frame for your job. It took you a long time to produce and refine your documents. Please give us enough time to produce the best possible translation. Professionals cannot be rushed without some loss of quality.

If you have a document which was already translated by somebody else and you want us to review and edit it, we will need to analyze both the original source text and the finished translation to assess the quality of that translation. The cost of reviewing/editing/proofreading that translation will depend basically on the quality of the translation, and how extensive our corrections will be. Sometimes, the translation is so bad, that it will have to be redone from scratch.

Submission of Technical Documents

For technical translations, existing glossaries or previous translations of similar documents help us maintain terminology consistency and capture the industry jargon better. We respect the hard work that went into creating your original document and request ample time to deliver an equivalent quality in translation. 

Review and Editing Services

For documents previously translated by other entities that you would like us to review or edit, we analyze both the original and the translated text to assess quality and editing scope. The cost for these services depends on the quality of the previous translation, and extensive overhauls may require complete retranslation. 

Please call us for your FREE estimate and for any questions and clarifications.

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